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Promotion Date: August 14th to September 3rd, 2017 (9pm TW/6am LA/3pm CET)
  1. What's the fan design called that generates 22% more air pressure for supremely silent performance?
  2. What's the technology that eliminates fan noise by stopping the fan in low-load situations?
  3. The name of MSI's mascot Dragon?
  4. Which MSI headset passes the highest standard of sound, Hi-Res certification?
  5. What is the name of MSI's line of Gaming peripherals?
  6. What was added to the backplate and Close Quarters Heatsink to help cool the new GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti LIGHTNING cards?
  7. Which MSI Gaming Mouse can be used for wireless mode and equipped with amazing RGB light effect?
  8. What's the MSI award-winning thermal design that used in GAMING series graphics card?
  9. Which MSI graphics card is able to achieve the highest OC performance?
  10. What software allow gamers quickly switch the performance mode and LED effect?


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  • The event starts on 14th of August, 2017 and ends on 3rd of September, 2017 (21:00 TW/06:00 LA/15:00 CET)
  • Winners will be randomly selected from whom completed the crossword puzzle.
  • The Prize winners will be announced within a week after the end of the event on MSI Global Facebook fan page and contacted by email. When asked, prize winners must provide MSI their contact information within one week after the announcement date by email. In the event that a prize winner fails to provide the contact information within this timeframe, it is deemed a waiver of the right to the prize, and MSI has the right to assign the prize to another winner.
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